20 Different Types Of Warehouse Jobs & Their Responsibilities

Do you need to find a new job? It’s an excellent time to look because many businesses are gearing up for the busy holiday season. This flurry of activity includes warehouses all over the UK. As demand from retailers, consumers, and other industries rises over the next three months, more shipments will need to be picked, packed, and shipped. Most people have just seen a warehouse once they start working in one. And, because each fulfilment centre looks so different, it’s natural to wonder what kinds of jobs are available. Here’s a list of some of the most common warehouse jobs, along with a description of what you might do. Go ahead and apply for your warehouse job now at Warehousejobsnearme.co.uk.

Warehouse Manager

All warehouse employees report to the warehouse manager. They are in charge of the overall operation’s safety, productivity, and efficiency. Their primary day-to-day responsibilities include inventory control, employee management, and collaborating with buyers and sales personnel to ensure that orders are filled correctly. Most importantly, a warehouse manager is in charge of identifying and reducing costly warehouse costs.

Forklift Driver

Forklift drivers are one of the warehouse jobs that are essential to the operation’s survival. They are in charge of moving and managing inventory on a daily basis, ensuring that every piece of product is where it should be. Forklift operators also perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning and grease removal.

Shipping & Receiving Operator

Another experienced worker who helps pick and pack orders and receive shipments is the Shipping and Receiving Operator. They are also in charge of some management tasks, such as order sequencing, inventory control, quality control, and order tracking and documentation.


A loader or unloader is in charge of moving items throughout the warehouse. The main distinction between the two jobs is that a loader usually puts the product on trucks, whereas an unloader takes it off. Most loaders and unloaders can also operate a forklift. A loader must also know how to use a pallet jack and be aware of their surroundings at all times so that they do not inadvertently injure themselves or others or damage products in transit.

Inventory Manager

In a warehouse, an inventory control manager works to ensure that inventory compliance standards are met. They ensure that a company’s inventory procedures are followed by supervising employees and work processes. Because this is a management position, they are in charge of overseeing both warehouse operations and workers.

Order Selector

Order selectors are warehouse employees who select products to fill customer orders before they are shipped. Order selectors work with warehouse managers to ensure that all orders meet quality control standards. They will also keep track of all inventory levels and notify management as soon as anything needs to be reordered or replaced due to damage.

Warehouse Associate

Typically, the Warehouse Associate is a jack of all trades. You could be in charge of picking and packing orders. You could help outgoing load shipments or take inventory. You could even assist the receiver by helping to unload incoming shipments at the dock. Warehouse Associates typically have some experience, but they can also be entry-level workers. You may be hired to complete a specific task, or your duties may change daily depending on the warehouse’s needs.

Package Handler

Package handlers fill warehouse orders by packaging and labelling packages as they transport them to their final destination. Most package handlers have yet to gain prior warehouse experience. Employers prefer that you be at least 18 years old because this is a warehouse job requiring you to work with forklifts, trucks, and other heavy machinery during regular business hours.


Warehouse inspectors are workers who inspect products before they leave the warehouse. Furthermore, they ensure that employees follow all policies and procedures. Inspectors ensure that items have the correct barcode or label and that warehouse personnel adhere to safety standards. They also make certain that shipped products match their paperwork and that any damaged goods are handled properly.

Stocking Associate

A stocker is a warehouse employee who is responsible for keeping the warehouse shelves stocked and organised. Their main responsibilities include restocking items that have been sold or damaged so that they stay supplied. If you enjoy math and problem-solving, a career as a stocker could be for you.


Marketers are warehouse employees who are in charge of informing employees about sales, coupon offers, promotions, and news. Furthermore, they assist in informing employees about special products or work schedules. To assist with various tasks in this arena, the marketing department may occasionally include additional departments such as graphic design, public relations, or social media/web departments.

Packing Associate

Many warehouses require sharp-eyed, focused work: You will be responsible for double-checking the packing list to ensure that the inventory was correctly pulled and that everything fits inside the order.

Sorting Associate 

You will be the incoming package gatekeeper. Open the packaging, compare the items to the invoice, handle missing/extra material in accordance with company policy, and sort the items for shelving. You could be stationed at a conveyor belt or on the move.

Machine Operator 

Warehouses thrive when automated, and manual machines, conveyor belts, and weighing equipment are properly installed and operational. Even the best equipment can fail, causing the supply chain to slow or stop. You will be in charge of monitoring the daily operations of these systems.

Warehouse Safety Supervisor

The warehouse safety supervisor will be responsible for all employees’ safety, even if this means taking a more hands-on approach than other supervisors. This may include reporting any potentially hazardous situations or instances where employees should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and following up with warehouse personnel to ensure proper PPE use.

Warehouse Security Supervisor

The security supervisor oversees the security of all warehouse assets and ensures that employees are aware of any potential criminal activity in their work area. Furthermore, they monitor various transactions by scanning customer and employee ID badges. The security supervisor will also be in charge of organising and conducting criminal background checks on prospective employees. Warehouse security supervisors typically require an associate’s degree in business administration or criminal justice.

Warehouse System Analyst

The warehouse management system analyst is responsible for properly using a warehouse management system. This employee will also be in charge of supervising all orders in collaboration with order pickers and other department managers, particularly when it comes to shipping out products. Warehouse workers with an associate’s degree or equivalent prior experience may only need a little background information in this area.

Material Handler

A material handler is a warehouse position that ensures the warehouse infrastructure is in good working order. Forklifts, shelving systems, lighting, and other equipment are included. Their responsibilities include inspecting all equipment to ensure that it is still operating at peak efficiency. They also ensure that employees follow warehouse safety standards so that no workers are injured while carrying out their daily tasks. Material handlers will also perform minor repairs as needed and notify warehouse management of any significant or potentially dangerous problems that they discover.

Delivery Driver

The driver is in charge of transporting warehouse inventory to its final destination. When it comes time to load all of your products onto their vehicle, this employee drives a delivery truck and usually collaborates with personnel at the receiving or shipping warehouse. Before moving anything out of the warehouse, warehouse delivery drivers will ensure that all documentation is correct and that all necessary taxes, fees, and paperwork are taken care of.

General Labour

Almost every industry employs some General Laborers. The general labour roles and responsibilities in a warehouse are diverse. Cleaning and other janitorial and maintenance tasks may be assigned to you. In other cases, you may be asked to help reorganise and move boxes, skids, and tubs.

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